Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What to wear to Grade 2

This year Eve is in Grade 2 - her little body doesn't always show it, but she is one of the big kids now. Eve loves back to school shopping a lot more than she likes actually going to school . She does well in school but does not get excited about pleasing the teacher or learning new things the way her sisters do. She lives for recess and loves seeing all her friends. This is Eve's back to school photo shoot. 

This outfit came from the Gap Factory Store. She  wanted the leopard jeans so badly but I wouldn't buy them for her until she proved she could move in them ( because otherwise I knew they would not get worn).  She did this by doing the splits in the store. I also didn't approve of the shirt -  the graphics on the shirt are articles of clothing. I explained to her that shopping isn't really the thing that most describes her and wouldn't she rather have a different picture - one that doesn't glamourize materialism?  She retorted that she just cared about the colour and the comfort and it was on sale - so I relented.  Eve's biggest win are the twinkle toe shoes. I was completely against these -  I think they are hideous AND over priced.  But - again I relented. (Did I mention eve was persistent.) She pointed out that these shoes will be her but they are her inside shoes at school so I never have to see them, all the bright colours mean they match EVERYTHING, and they were on sale ( which she means they were only twice as much as shoes at Wal-Mart instead of three times as much. She made up the price difference by forfeiting a new back pack. She is using one of Alice's old back packs instead.
 Jeggins from Gap Factory Store, T-shirt and cardigan from H&M. Unlike the first outfit, this one was totally mom approved. The jeggings have been worn a lot.
 The yay shirt and leggings from Joe Fresh. A few days after we bought this, we watched Cityline fashion Friday and Joe Fresh was high lighted and they modeled this shirt. Proves we have great taste.
 Here is Eve on the first day of school. Bow shirt from Gap factory store. Cardigan, runners ( that she can tie herself) and giant bag are all hand me downs. Head band was a party favor from a birthday party. Incidentally, she used this shoulder bag for a few days then opted for a back pack that is easier to carry.
And this is how Eve looked when she found out the these three great friends are in her glass. It is the old crew from kindergarten. She was so happy she had to do the angry squinty eyes for this picture.

 It is sure to be an awesome year.

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