Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I Have Created A Monster - Elementary Hair Styles

 I have created a monster. For years I have lamented that my girls would not let me braid their hair. Eve is my only daughter who will let me do whatever I want in her hair. Well, she used to let me do whatever I wanted. Now - her standards a higher.

The other day, she was having waffles for breakfast, and she asked me to put her hair in a pony tail so she didn't get syrup in it. I did " a nice pony tail straight out the back." Later that morning she freaked out because I hadn't done her hair for school. I said,

Me: I did your hair already, it is in a cute pony tail
Eve: Mom, anyone can wear their hair in a pony tail. I wear mine in braids.

Apparently she likes the compliments she gets on her hair styles.

I am glad she likes her hair and that she gets compliments - though I don't know how I feel about her feeling like she needs braids - like her hair style is important to her self image. She is only 7!  But then I tell myself not to over think it. The fact of the matter is I like to braid and we have 20 minute after the big girls leave in the morning, so what else are we going to do? ( Ok we could read, or clean her room, or any number of things - but what we do it sit on my bed and watch Clifford or Daily Planet and braid her hair. The braids keep her hair out of her eyes and hopefully safe from lice ( then neighbour kid she plays with had lice but Eve's hair was safe - dodged a bullet).  I think I am getting better at braiding but then I my braids to the pictures on instagram that I try to copy - like the one below of sheerbraidedbliss (who we know) and I am humbled. Also, it wasn't a good idea to show Eve the instagram hair accounts - because many of those hair styles are way out of our reach.

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