Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back to School - Grade 7 Edition

Alice was excited about back to school shopping. She has grown a ton and knew she needed a lot of things - which meant she would get to buy a lot of things. Alice like to shop, but Alice does NOT like to pose for pictures. I said that a back to school photo shoot is my right as a mother, my payment for spending all that money on clothes ( that don't fit me at all). Alice refused so I said I would just take a picture of her everyday the first week of school. Problem solved. 

This was her favourite outfit. She wore this on her first day and for picture day. The peter pan top was from the Gap factory store ( and was only 4 dollars!) The cool paisley jeans were from XX21 ( first time Alice could shop there - size 24) And the leather oxfords from Globo were only 30$. The back pack is from sport check and the faux leather jacket from Suzy Sheer.

Since Alice hates getting pictures taken she has developed some strategies. One strategy is to try not to look in the camera - she is often looking away. The other strategy is to get one of her sisters to pose in the picture with her. Luckily, her sisters are always happy to oblige. Here Jackie helps Alice Out.
 The polka-dot sweater and leggings below are from H&M. The belt was from Australia. ( Whenever any one wears something we bought in Australia it makes me nostalgic).
 I promise she wasn't as sad as she looks in the picture below.  She is tired. The mornings are early - The bus comes at 7:15. The coral sweater is from Gap. The black skinny jeans from XX21.
 That concludes are back to school posts!! Hooray for school. Hooray for me the girls! Hooray for me for actually posting it!! ( I have the proposal I am have trouble with to thank for that).

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