Monday, September 22, 2014

September Snowstorm

We knew it was coming. It was forecasted a couple of days in advance. But it was still a little hard to believe. This picture was taken on September 8th.  Way too early for a first snow fall.
 Sometime in the future, the first snow of the year will come and the children won't all put their snow stuff on and go out to play. Someday it will happen - but not this year. They all went outside and played and played and played.
 The trees, however, were less impressed with the snow fall. It snowed on and off for three days. The snow was HEAVY. There were power outages, and a lot of broken branches, and bad traffic due to the road conditions and lack of traffic lights.

Our power was out for only 6 hours  - which was so lucky, some people were without power for 5 days.  But we did have some power related excitement.  The gas valve on the furnace didn't close right away when the power went out, so I came home to a scary sulfur smell. Atco gas came and checked it out and everything was fine.
 Andrew and Eve's school had no power - Andrew left due to our "gas leak and so we went for lunch and then picked up Eve early from school. She was all, " why did you pick me up early, today was AWESOME, we got to play all morning because there were no lights. We got an extra recess and we got to go with another class. The only problem is that the bathrooms were super dark, but I never need to go so it wasn't a problem for me". 
 Alice and Jackie's school had power all day, so they had regular day and were jealous of Eve getting out early. Now the weather is back to normal - maybe even a little warm for this time of year. There are still logs that the city needs to pick up in the green space. And our bush will probably never be the same,
But other than that, every thing is business as usual.

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