Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to start middle school - Jackie style

A Haiku for Back to School by Jackie Rasmussen
School is starting too fast
My paper cuts are plenty
And homework means DOOM!
Her haiku sounds negative, but in actuality, Jackie was super excited about starting school this year. Even more excited than she normally is. Something about starting at a great big middle school where she would have her own locker, with her own combination lock - and so many new teachers to impress that made her extra keen this year. The early dismissal on Fridays doesn't hurt either. 
Now - three weeks in, she is still loving it - though in her opinion her teachers give a little too much homework.  Her haiku was foreshadowing. Jackie looks great every - here is her back to school photo shoot.  
 Tunic - Gap Factory Store, Jeans - hand me downs already in her closet, and the most exciting item - boots from Target. Jackie had enough money for fancy boots in her back to school shopping budget because she used so many hand me downs this year ( from Alice and one of Alice's friends)

Denim button-up - Joe Fresh, Coloured Jeans - Australia Target ( yes, she has been wearing them for 1 year and a half - they used to be baggy long pants and now they are skinny capris.

This butterfly shirt from the gap factory store was Jackie's biggest bargain.  it was only 4 dollars and we love how long it is.
On the first day of school we waved her hair and she opted for the denim shirt. Her Dad took her to school and took the official picture, I had to make due with this paparazzi shot as she walked to the car.

 Here she is after completing the first week of school. She is wearing my favourite hand me down sweatshirt from Alice, and she is holding her cool school  white board binder and new backpack . She is also wearing the sun glasses all the grade 5 were given on the first day - little did we know then what terrible weather was coming the very next week. 

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Mike H said...

Hey, can you show the link to where you bought the boots?