Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy September Everyone!!

So it has been a year and a half since I posted.
Feels like even longer though, since the last post was written in Australia - right before leaving for France. That whole beautiful vacation feels like a dream that we sometimes can't believe actually happened. But it did and we are so glad we did it. There has been a lot growing up since we got back . I hopefully will write posts that will fill in what we have been up to - but here is quick update.

Eve is 7 - here she is sporting her toothless grin. Eve has always wanted to run her own life, so the older she gets the better life is. She is our fire ball, full of athletic energy. She is our extraverted social butterfly who loves to have play dates and can play can pretty much have fun playing with anyone. This year she is doing basketball and piano, and gymnastics and dance around the house. Hopefully in January we will have to money to sign her up for gymnastics.


Jackie turns 10 the end of September. Today is her first day of grade 5, which is the beginning of middle school. She is our sensitive artist, who feels all the beauty of the world. She discovered this year how much she likes to perform. She started speech lessons from my Mom in January, and in February competed in the Kiwanis Festival and did so well she was invited to perform in the evening of outstanding performers. She loves to read and write and was so excited about school starting she couldn't sleep. She has her own instagram account and I love seeing what she chooses to post. This year she is doing piano, Irish dance and more speech. This picture was taken at her grade 4 farewell. Can't wait to hear how today went.

Alice is 12!!! Starting Grade 7 tomorrow. Her dad and I feel super lucky to have her for an oldest child. She is gentle and kind, loves playing with little kids,  loves to follow rules, loves to take care of people - which pretty much makes her the best older sister and babysitter around.  She loves to read - and has read a lot of great books this year- though right now she is doing her best to finish the last twilight book ( that she started yesterday) before school tomorrow.  She scoffed at the twilight books and resisted reading them, and even made fun of them, until she picked one up at the library - and then the crack hit her system. Turning 12 means that she is in young women's at church and got to go to girls camp. It was super fun being there this year with her. She is doing piano and basketball and hoping to babysit as much as possible. She loves to earn money and like her father, loves to not spend it.

And here is Andrew and I. We are 38 this year so the count down to 40 is on. Andrew is still in the bishopric. This past spring he worked hard and won the biggest loser competition at work and lost 21 pounds and has kept it off all summer. He loves his Aikido classes and this year will be coaching the senior girls instead of the junior girls.  I have been released from being YW president and now I get to teach Gospel Doctrine (the adult Sunday school class) at church. It is great. Last year was really stressful and in the midst of everything I let a lot of things I enjoy slip away - book club, exercising, spending time with friends, blogging). With the kids back at school I am excited about setting goals and spending my time  to build the life I want. I am excited to build my business and my knowledge base, and taking advantage of all the great books, and friendships, and all the beauty around me. It is going to be a great year.
Happy September everyone!

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